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“I spoke to Spacepark, and it was clear that they knew what they were doing. For me there was no competition. There wasn't another company that I knew of that was as efficient or as good at this business.”

David Dunworth

Spacepark is an experienced team dedicated to solving parking problems. We make parking cars, trucks and freight simpler than ever, with rotating turntables and car stackers for residential, commercial and industrial spaces that need creative parking systems. Australian-owned and family-run, we have more than 30 years' experience in the industry

Celebrating 30 Years of Design & Manufacture

Vehicle Turntables Pty Ltd was created in NSW in the early 1980’s, designing, manufacturing and installing turntables throughout Sydney, Australia. Building on our high level of client satisfaction and retention, and an innate desire to continually improve our products, the company has moved from strength to strength throughout the decades.

Recognising the need in the Australian market for a dynamic company with global design ties, to provide cutting edge parking products to architects, developers and homeowners, Spacepark Global Pty Ltd was born in February 2011.

Spacepark is now the refreshing face of the parking solutions industry & will constantly strive to care for the many needs & services of its customers with market leading service.

We are adding exciting new products and services to our collection of innovative turntables. Featuring new designs and the latest technology, you’ll be able to choose from all kinds of clever ways to add parking space, and value, to your property. With decades of experience amongst the team, we are able to provide new & innovative ideas.

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