Truck Turntables

“The safety benefits of the turntable in my driveway helped me get my development passed through council.”

David Dunworth

Spacepark truck turntables are the ultimate accompaniment for heavy vehicles. Constructed from quality Australian-made materials, these innovative, long-lasting and heavy duty devices are the perfect solution for the parking and storage of vans and trucks up to 20 tonnes. Commercial and industrial businesses,developers and commercial builders all over Australia are enjoying the convenience of these creatively designed space savers.

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The design concept behind truck turntables couldn't be simpler: a motor-driven circular platform. You just drive your van or truck onto the turntable to rotate it in any direction. Either at home or at work, a turntable device can be the ultimate solution for limited turning circles or limited storage space. Parking vans and trucks will be a breeze in any situation.


Whether you select a driveway turntable or a turntable installed in your garage, commercial or industrial space, you'll soon discover the convenience is immense. In any location, vehicle turntables can provide much needed parking access and storage for multiple vehicles (they even work well with vehicle storage systems). Increase space and increase productivity with our simple truck solution. Vehicle turntables can be installed in loading docks, auto workshops, warehouses and a range of other commercial spaces. The risk of parking on steep inclines can also be minimised by installing a truck turntable.

Turntables can be customised to suit your particular requirements: truck size, circle width and vehicle weight. Hardwood, tile and paver are just a few of the high-quality, hard-wearing finishes that you can select from. Simply choose the look that fits your location best. To find your ideal truck turntable, all you need do is use our VTselect Turntable Selector.

Spacepark turntables are the product of extensive research and development. We pride ourselves on a quality product which is why we manufacture in-house. And we strive to be eco-friendly. We limit the use of materials and resources wherever possible and abide by local environmental regulations and guidelines. We believe so strongly in our turntables that we offer a five year warranty that you are welcome to extend.

We've designed our turntables to be user-friendly. Select to install our flat-pack product yourself and we'll provide expert guidance and assistance. Alternatively we can offer you the services of our professional installers and technical advisors.

Architects and builders, feel free to sign up on our home page for instant access to detailed technical specification sheets. Our team of experienced project consultants are also on hand to assist you in identifying the right turntable/s for your project, comply with local government regulations, and discuss any technical or installation issues. Be it a simple single installation or a complex commercial project, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you get the job done.

Spacepark are the leading Australian turntable company. Family-run and with over twenty years' experience, we are dedicated to creating quality, professional and hard-wearing truck turntables that offer practical solutions for architects, builders, business-owners and home-owners.

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