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“Spacepark were excellent at working with both my architect and builder, and were able to keep me informed every step of the way. The owners and their staff were professional, efficient and courteous throughout the whole process.”

Lou Silber

At Spacepark we specialise in parking engineering, and we are proud to add an array of car stackers to our range of car parking solutions. To check out our range use our interactive selector to define your criteria and explore the wide range of options available. Car stackers offer a simple solution to a world-wide urban problem: shortage of car parking space in city and suburban locations.

Spacepark car stackers installed above or below ground level and appeal to Australian homeowners, architects and developers who are looking for practical and original ways to optimise the use of available space in residential and commercial properties.

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Homeowners are only too aware that even when suburban street parking space is available, their cars are vulnerable to vandalism, accidental damage and theft when parked in the street. Installing a vehicle turntable or a car stacker allows up to three cars to be housed in a single car space: an efficient, secure way of maximising the car parking capacity of a property. Inner-city terrace housing where access is difficult, street parking is unavailable or on-site space is limited can be transformed into highly desirable, convenient homes when car stackers are used to create parking space.

Developers include car stackers in their development briefs to ensure optimal utilisation of every cubic metre of available space in residential and commercial buildings. Specifying car stacking facilities to enhance the availability of car parking space within an apartment building, office block, industrial facility or commercial complex can dramatically improve the development’s appeal to potential investors. In the case of many development sites, an innovative parking solution such as a vehicle hoist may be the only feasible way of meeting council planning standards and having development applications approved by local authorities.

Architects and builders have worked with us on vehicle turntable installations over the past 30 years already know that the Spacepark team has earned a reputation in the parking engineering industry for professionalism, technical expertise and reliable service. Whether you are looking for a turntable, car stacker or turntable / car hoist combination for installation in an existing space or a new building, we will work with you to design the best parking solutions for your client. We will provide hands-on assistance with technical aspects of your installation so that your project runs smoothly, with maximum efficiency and minimum fuss. The same team that manages the design and installation of your car stacking systems carries out servicing and maintenance, and is available to provide technical assistance and support by telephone and email.

Spacepark’s engineering capabilities extend far beyond sales and maintenance operations: we have been manufacturing vehicle turntables in our own engineering plant for many years. Our design team conducts an ongoing program of research into developments in parking technology. Having identified a need for high-quality car stackers, we have sourced products engineered and manufactured in Germany. Using our expertise, experience and knowledge of the types of car hoists and car stackers Australia needs, we have developed our standard range of car lifts that best suit local conditions and requirements while conforming to international regulations and standards.

Which car stacker is best for you? Use our CSselect Stacker Selector to define your criteria and explore the wide range of options available. We offer car park stackers for either surface or underground mounting, with tandem or triple-level stacking in a variety of height and width configurations. If you have special requirements, standard car stackers can be adapted and adjusted in our engineering plant to provide a customised solution.

Spacepark is unique in Australia in providing a total parking engineering service that includes manufacture, sale and maintenance of vehicle turntables and car lifts. When you need to create additional car parking space, you can rely on Spacepark’s strong engineering, design and manufacturing capabilities to provide innovative, high quality parking solutions.

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