Car Turntables

“If we didn't have the turntable installed we could only fit a maximum of three cars, because you have to do a three-point turn to get out. But with the turntable we can reverse park six.”

David Dunworth

Spacepark car turntables are designed with the driver in mind. Fusing innovative design with quality Australian-made materials, these clever and beautifully-finished devices are ideal car parking solutions for architects, builders and home-owners. Parking has never been faster or easier.

Lexus Turning

The idea behind car turntables is simplicity itself. Drive onto the car turntable and the motor-driven circular platform will rotate your vehicle up to 360°. Whether you have a short driveway, a limited car turning circle or are looking to maximise parking space, we can help.

Spacepark give you the choice of a driveway turntable or garage turntable and both are suitable for residential, commercial and industrial spaces. At home or at work, these quality-manufactured, superior and stylish turntables can add appeal to a property as well as offering a practical solution for parking space issues.


Home owners will also enjoy the added safety features. Turntables may reduce the risk of driveway accidents around toddlers and young children, something that happens far too frequently. They also allow you to park more securely on steep inclines. Turntables can also make life easier - and parking a breeze - for those with back strain or limited mobility.

For commercial or industrial spaces, car turntables can provide much needed parking access and storage for multiple vehicles. Increase space and increase productivity with our simple car storage solution. Designed to work seamlessly with car stackers and lifts, turntables are the perfect complement for vehicle storage systems.

Turntables can be customised for different sized cars, one or two vehicles, varying turning circles and vehicle weights. You also have the option of a wide variety of hardwearing finishes including chequerplate, hardwood, tile, paver and concrete. Our easy to use VTselect Turntable Selector will help you choose the right turntable for your needs. It's simple.

All of our car turntables are the result of over twenty years continuing research and development. We manufacture in-house so we - and you - can be assured of quality. We're committed to the principles of sustainable development so we comply with applicable environmental laws, regulations and standards and minimise the use of all materials and resources.

Our labour-saving design gives you the option of purchasing your turntable as a flat pack, or we can provide custom installation. If you decide on a flat-pack option, we will supply detailed instructions and offer our professional guidance. We also offer a two year, extendible warranty and both telephone support and technical assistance from our team of dedicated project consultants.

Spacepark are the leaders in quality car turntables. Australian-owned and family run, our turntables may be the perfect parking or car storage solution for your home or business. For architects, builders and home-owners, we keep it as simple as possible: simple selection process and simple installation equals simply the best option for your car.

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