3 Ways to Maximise Floor Area in Commercial and Industrial Facilities

When your business is booming, your warehouse can start to strain at the seams. You need to be able to store more materials and more products, but often you can't risk enlarging your company or buying a larger warehouse. In these circumstances, it is vital that you maximise the amount of space available inside your warehouse by increasing the use of space inside. A few practical steps can help you to turn a cluttered and full warehouse into something that efficiently uses the space. If you are interested in finding a solution to lack of space, then following these few tips can help you.

Improve your stock-taking methods

The first step that you can take to ensure that you can make the most of your space is by using better stock-taking methods in order to only include exactly what you need in the warehouse. If you buy in too much stock at once, then you will have no room for the end product, and will have to halt production until space is cleared. What you need to do is to find a balance where stock comes into the warehouse and then is used almost immediately to create the finished product. In addition to the problem of overcrowding, having too much of a product at once can simply drain your profits into stock which will just sit on your shelves for months. Clearing up at once helps you to economise with both space and profits.

Invest in space-saving equipment

There are a range of equipment and devices which you can use in order to help you make the most out of space in your warehouse. From stackable shelving to truck turntables, you can use this technology to maximise warehouse space. If you think that you can do more to maximise the space, including changing the position of doors and reducing the space needed for trucks to move around, then you could invite an architect into the warehouse in order to examine the placement of shelving, work benches or desks in order to increase the amount of space available inside the warehouse.

Using a loading truck turntable is one way to ensure that you can get the maximum out of your loading bay. This is an area which often has to be large enough to allow trucks and vehicles to reverse in or out. If you invest in truck turntables for your loading bay, you could not only improve your available space, but reduce truck unloading and loading times, enhancing your investment.

Make the most out of existing space

If you have a warehouse, then you need to make the most out of the space available. Booming businesses often find that they have to fill up space where they can find it on the warehouse. This results in product and stock being placed in random locations all over the warehouse, reducing efficiency.

In order to get more control of your warehouse space, you will have to move all of your stock and products into specific areas in the warehouse. For example, you may want to create time-limited loads that are ordered almost as soon as they become available, or you may wish to create 'picking' locations where stock is collected together. This maximises factory efficiency as well as improving stock control and the use of space.

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