6 Reasons to Install a Vehicle Turntable in Your Home

There is nothing more frustrating than struggling to park your car in your own home. Having limited driveway or garage space is a challenge many homeowners face here in Australia. However, this problem can be easily solved with the use of a vehicle turntable.

Below are some reasons why homeowners must install a car turntable at home:

Additional Parking Space
Families with only one car may not face any parking space problems. However, as families grow, adding two or three more cars becomes an unavoidable necessity.

If not managed well, attempting to park several vehicles within a limited space becomes a nightmare. Oftentimes, homeowners are forced to give up space for a front garden just to accommodate their cars.

A complete car turntable is the space saving solution to this parking dilemma. It can be customised to fit a particular area, with considerations on vehicle size and quantity as well as turning cycles and vehicle weights. Homeowners can likewise customise them with a variety of different finishes, including hardwood, tile, paver, chequerplate, and concrete, to suite the overall design of the house.

Easy Parking

Having limited parking space often means limited car turning circles as well. This can be frustrating for homeowners who are forced to keep reversing their vehicles just to get them parked properly. This is extremely hard for those suffering from back problems and neck strain.

A car turntable, available in both manual and electrically operated options, makes parking a breeze by removing the need to manoeuvre the cars or drive in reverse just to get in and out of the driveway. The car just needs to be driven and parked onto the turntable. Then, the turntable just needs to be rotated 180 degrees once the homeowner is ready to leave again.

Vehicle Security

Sometimes homeowners are forced to park their car on the roadside for lack of space in the garage. This increases the risk of car theft and of cars being vandalised by people or hit by passing vehicles.

One of the best features of car turntables is the added security benefits. Not only will it prevent homeowners from having to park on the roadside, it also makes it extremely difficult for thieves to steal the car when parked on a 90 degree angle on the turntable.

Accident Reduction

With children in the house, parents have to take extra precaution to avoid any untoward accidents in the driveway. Having a turntable makes for a safer garage because it lessens the risk of accidents happening especially around toddlers and young children who are in danger whenever cars are driven in reverse inside the property. The electrically operated option is especially safe because it requires the use of a remote to operate.

Highway Code Compliance

Depending on the location, homeowners also have to deal with regulations to satisfy local planning requirements. Having a turntable installed at home allows homeowners to overcome safety and environmental concerns. For example, it reduces the need to reverse into heavy traffic or to park on the roadside.

Property Value

Due to the benefits turntables provide to the home, it also increases the value of the property. Turntables maximise the property’s potential and this is something home buyers look for when purchasing a new home.

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