Benefits of Installing Truck Turntables in Melbourne

Installing truck turntables in Melbourne commercial or industrial properties can be the ideal solution for difficult parking locations. Trucks simply do not have the same versatility as a car turning circle, so to expect a driver to turn a large, heavily-loaded vehicle into a tight loading bay can be a bit ambitious.

Of course, most truck drivers will happily perform a 3, 5 or even 7 point turn in order to get their vehicle turned to the correct loading or unloading position. However, this can be time consuming, hence detrimental to productivity in the work place. It can also slow down delivery times for subsequent vehicles waiting in the loading bay.

By comparison, installing truck turntables in Melbourne industrial facilities allows for more efficient usage of space. Drivers will not be expected to turn large vehicles in tight locations. They will instead have the ability to perform a U-turn in place.

This can be crucial for locations where vehicle access is via a busy road. Delivery trucks often need to back into difficult loading bays, requiring them to hold up traffic while they manoeuvre the truck backwards through narrow gateways and back to the loading area. This can increase the risk of accidents and also cause traffic problems.

Installing truck turntables in such Melbourne locations can improve safety and make deliveries far more efficient overall.

These types of devices can also be useful for alleviating parking problems within shared access areas. For example, an industrial facility with car parking situated in the same location as a delivery area can pose significant parking problems. Car owners are expected to find suitable parking before beginning work, yet truck drivers are expected to manoeuvre a large vehicle into a small loading area around multiple parked cars.

Again, truck turntables in Melbourne loading bays can offer the ideal solution. A truck driver can drive the vehicle forward up to the loading area and turn it around in place on the turntable. This can allow for pallet-jacks or forklifts to access goods more easily, as the truck can be turned to the correct angle to facilitate unloading or loading.

Owners of truck fleets also have the advantage of using turntables such as these to make parking trucks more convenient when they are off the road. Heavy-duty circular platforms like these are motorised, so the truck can be turned in any direction required. This maximises available parking or storage space and alleviates the need to rely on the limited turning capacity of a large vehicle.

Many truck owners may prefer to park their trucks closer to home, which poses the problem of parking a large vehicle in a narrow suburban street. The alternative is to park it in a narrow residential driveway. Driving the truck forward into the driveway poses no problem, but reversing it out into oncoming traffic can prove to be dangerous and increases the chances of an accident.

In such instances, residential turntables may be the ideal solution, allowing the truck to be turned around so the driver will be able to drive it forward out of the driveway. This allows for smoother entry into traffic flow and far less disruption to traffic.

The team at Spacepark specialises in designing and creating heavy duty turntables which can be used for larger vehicles. These can be customised to suit any individual needs. Call Spacepark for a free quote.

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