Commercial Loading Dock Efficiency Improves with Car Turntables and Rotating Platforms

A commercial loading dock is crucial to a retail business or warehouse, but inefficiency can arise when you have several vehicles to load and unload. To streamline the process, loading dock managers need a way to automatically move the vehicles after they have been loaded. We can use workers for these tasks or we can employ the latest technology to find an easier way to do things. The following technology is currently being used throughout Australia to help make loading vehicles a much simpler process.

Car Turntables
The car turntables Brisbane is currently using in its stores and warehouses allows commercial loading dock managers to fill or manage multiple vehicles in much less time than it previously took. By loading multiple cars onto the turntable, you eliminate parking problems and the car turning circle makes it easy to load and go as needed.

Single Vehicle Tables
When a vehicle approaches a commercial loading dock, it typically has to enter in reverse. Just like a residential turntable, a commercial car turntable allows you to change the position of the vehicle with a simple turn of the rotating disk. The vehicle drives onto the platform and turned, so you end up with the rear end facing the dock, which allows for easier loading and unloading.

Utilises Tight Spaces
Another benefit to car turntables is that it makes parking in tight spaces easier. If your bay requires a truck to make a three-point turn just to back into your loading bay, this can slow down production. It also increases the chances of accidents.

With a rotating platform, the driver can drive up to the bay and get out. The table will make sure the truck always faces the right way.

Car Stackers
This is another use of technology that improves commercial loading dock efficiency. Instead of turning a car on a table, the cars or vehicles can be stacked on top of one another. This further prevents parking problems and is ideal for any commercial operation that employs more than one vehicle.

Fully Customisable
What makes these technical parking wonders so ideal is that they can be fully customised to accommodate any sized vehicle or even multiple vehicles. Residential tables are becoming more popular, primarily because the tables can be aesthetically matched to the surroundings, so it does not become a sore sight. The commercial tables are no different. They can be made to look, act and operate any way the business owner wishes.

Improved Business Performance
The turntable and stacker are becoming popular with business owners throughout Australia. Without this technology, some business owners would not be able to operate to the extent that they are used. They would not be able to fit multiple trucks in their loading bays and they would not be able to fill those trucks nearly as efficiently. With turntables and stackers, the commercial loading process becomes much easier and that is why these devices are preferred by so many dock managers.

If your commercial loading dock is frequently backed up or you feel that you could improve the process, turntables and stackers might be the addition you need. With customisable options and full installation services, many Australian commercial dock managers are choosing this technology to improve operational output.

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