The Cost Of Parking Space In Australia

Australian cities’ parking fees are renowned for being some of the most expensive in the world, rivalling that of cities such as Paris and New York*. In a bid to encourage Australian citizens to make use of existing public transport, parking fees have been raised significantly since 2009. In fact, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane all fall under the top ten most expensive cities to park in, worldwide*. Furthermore, Sydney has plans to cut the new development of parking spaces by 50% by 2030*.

Realistically however, many people commute into cities for work or simply prefer to drive their cars. Government’s drive to push people to use public transport has not been effective to date, and the only realistic figure about this is that taxes on parking spaces have risen significantly, whilst the amount of people using public transport has not.

So, the question is how can homeowners, commuters, and business owners optimise their current parking spaces in order to justify paying the huge taxes that Australian Government has placed on them?

Car Stackers and Vehicle Turntables

These are two products that can revolutionise small parking spaces. They are designed to safely and securely fit as many cars in a space as possible.

Car stackers can be installed on ground level or below, making them useful in almost any space. Multiple cars can be placed in one space, maximising any parking space in Australian CBDs. There are tandem or triple-level stacking solutions available in a variety of heights and widths and can also be customised to suit any needs.

Home owners can also make maximum use of their home parking spaces, adding an element of safety, as opposed to parking on the street. Business owners can provide more space for employees and building sites can make use of their space more effectively.

When it comes to vehicle turntables, the concept is simple. All you have to do is drive onto the car turntable and the motor-driven circular platform will rotate your vehicle up to 360°. Whether you have a short driveway, a limited car turning circle, or are looking to maximise parking space, a vehicle turntable can be the perfect solution. Furthermore there are driveway or garage turntables available to suit residential, commercial, and industrial spaces.

In a nutshell, car stackers and vehicle turntables benefits include the following:

Car Stackers:

• Will increase parking access
• They add space to any parking area
• They all meet council requirements and regulations
• These products will enhance any property, whether commercial or private

Vehicle Turntables:
• Enhance your property's value and saleability

• Improve driveway safety by parking more safely and efficiently on steep inclines

• Reduce the risk of accidents around small children, for better driveway safety

• Solve parking problems and hazards when parking in tight turning bays and on blind curves and crests

• Park more easily if you have back strain or limited mobility

So, the upshot is this: whilst parking spaces may be expensive and limited for any vehicle owner in Australian cities, there are ways to enhance and optimise spacing and efficiency. This can be done in a modern, safe, and organised manner. Taxes might be high but you can easily make it worthwhile by investing in a vehicle turntable or a car stacker.


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