Guide to choosing a car turntable for your home

Not many homeowners are able to buy larger homes when they need more room. One of the favoured ways of expanding an existing home is to enlarge the property over the garage, or even use part of the garage in order to enlarge an existing room. When these decisions are made, it is important to consider the amount of space available to cars. Turntables can be one option for your property in order to maximise space in a small area.

Car turntables will allow you to use your garage space creatively, so you can park your cars in the garage while making sure that you can use your garage for other purposes, too. The main problem with converting garages is the Road Rules, which demands that drivers go into their garage in a forward gear, and then return to the road using the same method. This can mean that any alternative uses for your garage, which are not in accordance with the Road Rules, may not be allowed.

[b]The best car turntable for your property[/b]

Homeowners are often unsure what type of turntable they need when they are looking for a creative way to make the most out of their garage space. The solution needs to be one which will allow you to park your vehicle so that you obey the law while still being able to use your garage effectively.

There are a wide number of options available for the modern homeowner, although the majority of car turntables in Australia fall into two varieties, which are known as above-ground and in-ground. The former sits above the garage floor, and needs the driver to mount the turntable in order to use it. The in-ground model is built flush into the level of the floor, so that the driver simply drives onto it, and then operates the turntable. This open may be slightly easier to use, but there are risks, including overshooting the vehicle turntable and damaging the car. The above-ground model may also risk damaging the vehicle, but can be a good option if you don't want to excavate.

[b]Options for Australian homeowners[/b]

The style of car turntables in Australia is less electronically-based than those from the US, with some even being able to spin around by hand. Others are motorised, which allows the user to operate the turntable using a remote control, making it easier to spin the vehicle around without leaving the car. This is the preferred option for those who are trying to turn a car around in a tight space, for example where an extension to the garage means that the car needs to be rotated 90 degrees before it can be driven into the space.

With the majority of modern Australian vehicle turntables, it is possible to have the car turn 360 degrees, allowing you to drive your car into the space by the side of your home, and then turn it around in order to drive out again, simply by using the remote control. The majority of homeowners simply use the car turntable to move their vehicle 180 or 90 degrees, all within a small area only slightly wider than the width of the car.

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