How Do Car Turntables And Stackers Compare With Each Other?

Parking space is one of the biggest problems in many cities at present. With more and more cars on the road, parking space becomes scarcer by the minute. In order to arrest this problem, a lot of establishments are turning to more advanced and modern car parking systems, those that can efficiently park cars, but with the use of minimal space.

Two of the best known car parking systems are car turntables and car stackers. These are space savers that allow establishments to save on parking space without compromising the number of cars that can be accommodated. A comparison between the two will help you determine which will be the best choice for you.

Space Allocation

Car turntables are made of a circular platform that allows cars to rotate up to 360 degrees. You would need to measure the entire length of the car that you desire, and make it as the basis for the diameter of the platform. Just extend the measurement a bit to give some allowance for the car. Many homes today use a driveway turntable for the sake of space and convenience.

Car stackers on the other hand would require a rectangular shaped area. The measurement of the car stacker would have to be taken from both the length and width of the car. The space can be doubled, depending on the number of cars that you would like to be parked side by side.


Car turntables in Australia, based on their name alone, can do a full rotation of 360 degrees. Cars would be parked right on the platform and the latter would rotate, along with the car on top, to the position that you desire. So if you park your car on the turntable in a “nose in” position, where it is facing your home, you can simply have it in a “nose out” position by rotating the turntable. Hence, you don’t need to drive your car to make a U-turn right on your driveway. The hassle of going forward and backing up will be eliminated.

On the other hand, the car stacker is usually comprised of more than one level of rectangular platforms where the cars are parked, all connected in one mechanical system, allowing the platforms to move up and down or in an angled inclination. While there may be several levels of parking platforms, only a single platform will be aligned with the driveway at one point in time.

Stackers are either surface mounted, or ground mounted. With ground mounting, if you park your car in the first deck, and the car parked in the second deck needs to back out, the first deck will move below ground level where ample space is allocated for it, and the second level deck would now be aligned with the ground, allowing the car to back out. The space left empty by the car could now be used by another car. With surface mounting, the decks for the upper level are normally tipped to a certain inclination to allow cars to park and back out without hitting the car parked below it.

Most of the time, a car stacker would accommodate 2 cars in a single platform and would comprise of at least 2 levels.

The Cost

As for the cost, it would always depend on the number of cars that you would like to be accommodated in a car stacking system, as well as how many cars would be parked side by side on a turntable.

Here at Spacepark, we can give you the best quote depending on the specifications that you want. We are always ready to listen and to provide you with the best solution for your car parking needs.

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