How a Truck Turntable Can Increase Your Business’ ROI

Over the past few decades, businesses around the world have become better than ever at optimising their shipping processes. Efficiency is key and saving resources of all kinds is essential to success. Business owners implement many different techniques to save material costs, fuel costs, human resources, space, and time. As a result, they get a boost in ROI for their business.
No matter the size or type of business you lead, resources are always limited and you need to get the highest return possible on all of your investments. The installation of a truck turntable may be the best option for many business owners looking to improve efficiency and increase ROI. Although a truck turntable may seem like a substantial investment at first, the array of cost-saving benefits it can provide far outweigh the initial investment over the long run.

Do More Business with Less Space

Whether you are planning the construction of a new facility or renovating your current building, a truck turntable can maximise your use of space and save you money. A business with a truck turntable does not need all the space required for truck parking bays and turning areas. By installing a truck turntable, these business owners could accomplish the same workload with approximately ¼ of the space.

For those looking to renovate a current building, all of the previously used space for turning and parking can be converted into other value-building operations to improve the business. For businesses who are building a new facility, the addition of a truck turntable will greatly lower building costs by reducing required space and allowing more engineering freedom regarding the placement of structural columns. Either way, there is enormous potential for increasing ROI through space optimisation.

Operational Optimisation

Over time, the costs of human resources and emissions control at a loading dock can vastly diminish a business’ overall ROI. Spacepark’s truck turntables reduce these ongoing costs by optimising the operational capacity in the loading dock area. It takes a substantial amount of time and energy to manoeuvre tractor-trailers around a confined loading dock, but with a truck turntable, most of these manoeuvres can be cut down to a few minutes or less. In turn, personnel requirements for controlling traffic and indoor emissions are greatly reduced.

A truck turntable also decreases the risk of accidents and equipment or structural damage. By greatly lowering the amount of accidents in the loading dock area, costs that may normally be allocated to insurance, worker safety, and damage repair can be saved. In the long run, reducing ongoing operational costs like these is essential to improving a business’ ROI.

Improved Service Capabilities

While simply saving all of these resources and costs may be reason enough to install a truck turntable, you may also be able to increase value in customer service. Traffic backups, accidents, and the general operations in a normal loading dock area take a lot of time. Facilities with truck turntables are able to maximise efficiency and improve their ability to meet their customer’s needs through lower shipping costs, faster shipping times, and more.

Getting a higher ROI for your business begins with increasing your value creation and decreasing unnecessary costs. The vastly-improved efficiency of a truck turntable helps you meet both of these requirements so that you can make your business more successful!

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