Increase Workplace Productivity with Truck Turntables in Melbourne

The use of truck turntables in Melbourne can be the ideal solution for increasing workplace productivity. There are multiple instances where installing a heavy duty circular platform can contribute to more efficient workplace practices, including:

Faster Pick Up and Delivery Times

Commercial and industrial dispatch bays can often become back-logged with waiting delivery vans and trucks. This problem is quite common when the delivery bay is in a narrow or confined area. Truck drivers are required to spend time performing 3, 5 or even 7 point turns just to turn the vehicle around to access bays for forklifts or pallet-jacks.

Using truck turntables in Melbourne delivery bays can make it much easier to turn the truck around in place to speed up pickup and delivery times considerably.

Improved Access

Many commercial and industrial facilities have access driveways that lead out into busy arterial roads. Narrow entry points for facilities like these can pose a risk for drivers. Some may need to back a truck into the location to make loading or unloading possible. This will require stopping the flow of oncoming traffic while the truck is manoeuvred into a tight position in reverse. If other trucks or cars need to enter the facility while this is taking place, those drivers are also forced to wait until the truck is in position.

The use of a turntable allows drivers to drive the vehicle into the facility directly. The truck can then be turned around for loading or unloading, before being able to drive back out into traffic in a forward gear. This also removes the risk of a truck backing out into oncoming traffic, decreasing the risk of accidents.

Solve Parking Problems

The turning circle on a truck is nowhere near as agile as a car turning circle. While most truck drivers are remarkably proficient at parking large vehicles in tight locations, doing so can sometimes take a lot of time.

Installing truck turntables in Melbourne locations where space for large vehicles is limited can solve parking problems in confined areas quickly and easily. Trucks can be turned to any angle and driven into position, making the use of a motorised circular platform like this, the ideal space saver.

A residential turntable can also be installed in such instances to facilitate easier car parking in similar locations.


Performing service and maintenance work on large vehicles can be a time consuming process. Yet installing truck turntables in Melbourne workshops can speed up the time taken to get the vehicle into position. This speeds up the entire maintenance and servicing procedure, which in turn increases workplace productivity.

The same holds true for washing bays. Many companies with multiple trucks may find it far more efficient to move trucks in and out of position by using a turntable.

Customised Solutions

The expert Spacepark team focuses on designing and creating customised solutions for any parking or access problem. They assess each individual location and suggest solutions that will not only help improve productivity in the workplace, but also improve safety for drivers and other workers in nearby areas.

Whether you require a simple installation or a complex project to suit your needs, the experienced team at Spacepark can help.

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