Maximise Space with Car Stackers in Brisbane

Architects and developers understand the unique challenges of designing new high-density residential homes. These properties will also be more attractive if they include proper parking spaces, and as such, developers are also looking for ways that improve and minimise space requirements for parking lots. One way of doing so is installing and using car stackers in Brisbane, which offers a highly effective way to maximise available land space.

Today, many traditional-sized homes would have more than 36 square metres of valuable land area dedicated as an under-cover space for parking, which is commonly seen in the form of a double garage attached to the home. This is a considerable size, especially when some of that space could have been used for another living room or an extra bedroom.

Translate these car parking problems to those building or designing townhouses or apartment blocks in Brisbane and it is easy to see where issues can arise. Rather than sacrifice living space, car stackers, Brisbane residents have found, allow you to reduce the amount of land required to park multiple cars. In turn, this gives you extra land space to increase the living area of the home, making the overall development more appealing to buyers.

Increase Parking Space with Car Stackers

Car stacker systems in a nutshell, allows two or more cars to park in the same amount of land space that would normally accommodate just one car. This increases the number of cars that can be safely and securely parked on a residential allotment without increasing the amount of land required to accomplish this.

Stacker systems can also be designed with innovative lifts installed. This allows one car to park within the parking bay and be lifted up to a higher level, leaving the lower level vacant for a second car space.

Many architects and developers have seized the effectiveness of this idea, allowing them more freedom to focus on designing and building more practical homes on the same blocks.

Shared Driveway Access

Trying to design any multi-residence development to include adequate car parking for several two-car homes can be extremely challenging. The convenient and space-saving car stackers for Brisbane residents have already addressed this problem. However, there is still the problem of the car turning circle within shared driveways. Many multi-residence developments contain an area allocated for shared driveway access which often includes sufficient space for two cars to pass each other in the driveway on their way in or out. Again, this reduces the usable space that could have been utilized for living areas.

Another consideration is that drivers still need to get cars in and out of parking bays safely without backing into closely-built buildings or other obstructions. They also need to be able to turn the car around so as to be able to proceed safely out of the driveway without backing out into heavy traffic on busy streets.

These problems are addressed by installing a residential turntable into a driveway, which allows drivers to turn the car around safely and quickly. This also removes the potential risks involved in backing out of a driveway and makes it much easier to access parking bays safely.

The professional team at Spacepark specialises in providing custom car parking solutions for any situation. Instead of sacrificing valuable land space in your development for parking, consider using car stackers systems and residential turntables which would not only improve your overall design, but would also make the property more appealing to potential homeowners.

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