Reduce Commercial Parking Problems with a Car Stacking System

One of the biggest complaints many commercial organizations receive is that they offer inadequate parking for customers or patrons. The same is also true for many government institutions, including hospitals and inner city office buildings. The pressing need to find more space to allocate to car parking is often futile, as many premises are already established and surrounded by other buildings.

Yet there are plenty of car parking solutions available that can increase the amount of parking space available without actually using any more land or space than is currently available. The key is to install a custom car stacking system.

How Does a Car Stacking System Work?

When parking space is limited around buildings, it still may be possible to engineer custom-designed car parking solutions. Innovations in technology mean that car stackers can be created to suit individual applications using the same amount of land space and still introduce more parking spaces. These can be tailored to suit any size, shape or requirement, which maximises the use of onsite land and still allows for more cars to park safely in the vicinity.

For staff car parking problems, it may be possible to install a car hoist that allows vehicles to be stacked vertically. Likewise, there may also be the potential to develop stackable underground parking, depending on the premises and the council planning standards in any given area.

Alleviating Other Parking Issues

Creating more effective car parking spaces in the onsite land size at hand is a great start, but there are also options available for maximising parking spaces. Commercial premises with limited onsite parking or with difficult angles to negotiate may benefit from installing car turntables.

Driving a vehicle onto a turntable and then allowing the system to turn the car to the right angle can allow more cars to park within difficult locations without the risk of trying to drive directly into those spaces.

Parking for Larger Vehicles

Offering car stacker systems to increase the amount of car parking available is excellent for office blocks, apartment buildings and even for hospitals wanting to give visitors more parking options.

There are also options open for organisations that require parking solutions for larger vehicles, such as trucks or other commercial vehicles. These may include customised turntables coupled with other parking systems to further maximise the use of space available.

Suburban Parking Issues

As urban infill sees more developers creating higher density dwellings, the sheer amount of land available for parking dwindles as a result. Building a multi-storey apartment building may offer more residential options for more people, but there is often a severe lack of parking available for the residents.

This is where incorporating a stacker system into the initial developmental design can be enormously beneficial. Aside from giving residents much-needed parking space, it also helps to increase the potential value of the overall development at the same time.

SpacePark Solutions

Regardless of whether the problem is residential or commercial or even industrial, SpacePark can design and engineer the innovative car parking solutions you need.

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