Residential Parking Permits: the Problems They Cause and How to Solve Them

Imagine living in a suburb where you needed to apply to the local council for a parking permit just to be able to park in the street in front of your own home. That’s the dilemma faced by many residents in Adelaide’s eastern suburbs.

It’s estimated that there are about 50 streets within nine suburbs where residents struggle with parking restrictions. The council manager even admits that there are more homes within those suburbs than there are on-street parks to accommodate residents’ cars.

Even if you were able to obtain a parking permit for one car to park in the street out front of your home, what happens if you invite visitors over and there’s nowhere for them to park?

There’s also the issue of temporary parking for trades. If you have tradespeople booked in to complete some work on your home, you may not be allowed to offer them parking space on-street.

Of course, similar parking problems also exist within every capital city across Australia. As our population increases, the need for realistic car parking solutions becomes a high priority.

Parking without a Permit

Many residents and visitors to areas where parking restrictions exist are forced to resort to parking anywhere they can find space. Unfortunately, those people risk getting a parking ticket slapped on the windscreen for their efforts.

The alternative is to park further away from your intended destination and walk the rest of the way. Aside from being terribly inconvenient, it’s also restrictive for visitors.

On-site Car Parking Solutions

One of the primary reasons on-street car parking restrictions were introduced in some suburbs was to stop people abusing the availability of car parking spaces. The permits were intended to allow residents some access to parking on the street out front of their homes.

However, the need for on-street parking also means there is a definite link with the inability to park vehicles on the property and off the street.

Many older-style homes within Adelaide’s eastern suburbs feature a single garage and a short driveway, allowing on-site parking for a single car. However, there has also been significant re-development across many eastern suburbs, resulting in much higher density housing.

Higher density residential homes typically house more families, but don’t necessarily address the need for car parking.

Rather than continue to lodge complaints against local councils regarding the lack of on-street car parking, residents may have the option to improve car parking facilities on their own properties first.

Installing a vehicle turntable on the driveway or a garage turntable within undercover parking areas can make parking in tight locations much easier. A turntable is designed so you can drive the vehicle directly onto the turntable. The vehicle turntable then rotates the car to whichever direction is required, making it much easier and safer to access difficult parking locations.

Developers and architects can also help to alleviate car parking problems by incorporating a car stacker system into higher density residential building plans. A car stacking system can allow a car to drive into the allocated parking space. When the car is positioned, the stacker system can either raise the parked car to a higher level, if the building allows for upright stacked parking. A second vehicle is then able to park beneath the first car, offering additional parking without using additional land space.

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