What are the Safety Benefits of Truck Turntables?

When multiple vehicles are always moving in a particular area, there is always a higher likelihood of vehicle accidents occurring. Business owners that are forced to manage multiple trucks on a daily basis are often worried that their personnel will become injured on the job. Furthermore, multiple trucks on the same lot can lead to wrecks, which can cause immense amounts of damage, loss of business, and even more injuries.

For these reasons, many business owners across Australia are turning to truck turntables. These innovative spinning disks not only make parking issues a thing of the past, but they completely eliminate truck-related wrecks and injuries. Here is a brief rundown that explains why all business owners who manage multiple trucks should seriously consider investing in a truck turntable.


In an ideal world, refuelling trucks would be as simple as going from truck to truck with an oversized fuel canister, thus relieving the need to move the trucks from their spots on the lot. However, most businesses have a central location where they keep the fuel, and this makes it necessary to move the trucks from their usual parking spots in order to line up properly at the gas spigot.

Any time multiple trucks are in motion, safety issues are always a concern. The driver could become hurt sliding up into the cab, the truck could hit a worker who isn’t paying attention, the truck could hit the gas tank; and we all know what would happen then.

To keep damage and injury to a minimum, or to alleviate these instances altogether, it is much more efficient to position the gas dispenser next to your truck turntables. With vehicle turntables you can park up to three trucks on the same rotating disk. Once the disk is activated, the trucks will rotate on the disk, allowing each one of them to be fuelled up without having to move them. The process becomes quick, efficient and free of any safety issues.

Loading and Unloading

The car turntable system also makes the loading and unloading of trucks extremely simple. Similar to the refuelling process, trucks usually has to be moved into position to be loaded or unloaded .With the car turntable that Australia businesses are now turning to, any trucks that have to be loaded or unloaded can simply be rotated in place, allowing the contents to be added or removed easily. No accidents are even possible, unless someone happens to be standing on the platform, which is always a no-no while it is in motion.

Car Turntables for Home and Business Owners

The truck and car turntable Sydney home and business owners are now turning to can fit up to three vehicles of varying sizes. This is perfect not only for businesses with a fleet of trucks to manage, but it is also ideal for homes that contain one or more newly-driving teens.

Homeowners that are forced to manage multiple vehicles in a single driveway know full well the risks involved. Toddlers can run out in front of moving cars, teenagers who are just learning how to drive can back into other stationary cars, and those are just two common accidents that occur when more than two cars are in play at any given time.

With the driveway turntable, toddlers remain safe, teens can simply rotate the disk when they want their car free, and homeowners who choose these innovative feats of engineering will love the car turntable price.

To see the full line of car turntables Australia homeowners are choosing for their families, the car turntable cost, truck turntables for extra-large vehicles, or to see other parking systems – such as the the car stacking system that allows for up to three vehicles to be parked vertically in the same spot – browse through the Spacepark website. With a car stacker, multiple car stackers or a truck turntable or two, all safety issues will become a distant memory for home and business owners alike.

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