Top 3 Causes of Delivery Delays You Need to Avoid

For any business that emphasises great customer service, making up for a delivery delay can be an agonising experience. A delay in delivery can make a very serious dent in a company’s customer satisfaction, no matter how perfect their product may be.

For shipping and delivery firms, the satisfaction of their customers greatly depends on avoiding delivery delays whenever possible. By understanding some of the top causes of these delays, you can implement strategies to better avoid them.

1. Loading Dock Delays

Whether your company delivers 40 packages a week or 100 packages every day, the equipment and system you have in place at your loading dock can make a world of difference. As trucks come and go from your loading area, there can be many deficiencies that may lead to delivery delays. Tight spaces and traffic may cost you precious time or result in serious accidents.

The installation of a truck turntable is one of the first steps to avoiding loading dock delays. Since time always seems to be a strictly-limited resource in the delivery business, a truck turntable can be the perfect upgrade to help you accomplish more with the time you have. It also helps to eliminate many of the risks involved with manoeuvring trucks around your facility, even in the tightest of spaces.

2. Communication Problems

In order to move many packages from place to place correctly and without delay, shipping companies must manage and communicate a substantial amount of information. Each time there is any kind of change or problem with either party, your company has to communicate even more information to avoid unnecessary delays.

Providing excellent service in an environment like this can be very stressful. Add in the headache of control the traffic flow of your incoming and outgoing trucks, and you will not only be looking for a better communication system, but you may also regret not installing a truck turntable as discussed above.

3. Data-Entry Errors

In the shipping and delivery business, small data-entry errors can result in total chaos. To make matters worse, these types of mistakes are extremely common and difficult to avoid. A simple typo on a bill of lading can cause customs holds, billing inconsistencies, surcharges and many other problems that delay the shipment.

Although it is impossible to completely eliminate data-entry errors, it is essential to ensure that your staff understands the importance of 100-percent accuracy on shipping paperwork. Many experts also believe that you can improve the data-entry accuracy of your team by creating a practical and safe working environment for them. If your staff is always having to worry about traffic control or getting hit by a truck at your facility, it is difficult to expect them to produce perfectly accurate paperwork.

While it may not seem like an essential step at first thought, the installation of a truck turntable can create lasting effects on your entire business. The time saved by a truck turntable can be used to improve your communication systems. The added space a truck turntable would provide could be used to build a better working environment for your staff so they can avoid data-entry errors!

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