Brisbane Homes Rise in Value Due to Spacepark’s Car Turntable

Spacepark recently celebrated three decades of providing innovative parking solutions that help increase home value, such as their highly popular car turntable. Brisbane homeowners have come to the conclusion that car turntables are one of the most efficient ways to increase property prices while solving parking problems.

Regardless of how large, well-built or beautiful a home is, if it does not have enough room for a family to park at least two cars, its market value will suffer. It does not matter where the property is located either, because nowadays, most families have at least two vehicles while most homes are only equipped to handle one.

Naturally, no one wants to park their car out on the street because there is little guarantee parking will even be available. There is also a higher risk of the car being dented or scratched, as it is more exposed than if it were parked safely in a garage or driveway. This is why many people prefer to purchase homes that have adequate parking for two vehicles, even if they only currently own one but are considering buying another one in the future. As a result, family homes that only have one parking space available are harder to sell and their market value suffers as well.

In most cases, homeowners have few options to increase the parking spaces available without it costing an arm and a leg. However, the Spacepark car turntable, Brisbane homeowners have learned, is a cost-effective way of adding another parking space to the property.

A car turntable allows cars to be parked in positions that are awkward or difficult to access. A car, for example, can be turned on the spot without having to perform a three-point turn. Likewise, if the access is narrow and one would require additional room to turn into a parking space, a car turntable is the perfect solution. One simply drives the car onto the turntable, activates the rotating platform and turns the vehicle 90 degrees, allowing them to simply drive into the space.

By adding another parking space with a car turntable, Brisbane homeowners have seen the market values of their properties go up. It is also much easier to sell these properties considering that parking is no longer an issue.

Spacepark also provides a wide range of commercial parking solutions, including car stackers and van or truck turntables. For more information on Spacepark and their innovative parking solutions, please visit

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