Spacepark Improves Commercial Loading Dock Efficiency with Vehicle Turntables

Spacepark specialises in innovative parking solutions, helping businesses maximise efficiency and save space, especially when it comes to the commercial loading docks. Limited turning circles, long wait times while the truck manoeuvres into position, and delays caused by insufficient parking space will become distant memories for any business that installs Spacepark truck turntables.

Increased efficiency for a commercial loading dock can mean thousands of dollars gained in revenue if not more and a truck turntable from Spacepark can help a business achieve greater efficiency.

A common problem with loading docks arises when the bay is positioned awkwardly and there is not much room for a truck to manoeuvre. The less space a truck has, the longer it will take to drive into position. More time spent on one truck means fewer trucks can be loaded and unloaded per day, which means less revenue and higher overheads per unit.

Spacepark’s vehicle turntables make manoeuvrability issues a thing of the past as the truck can simply drive straight onto the rotating platform and, with the push of a button, can be in position in seconds rather than long minutes. Even if only two minutes are saved per truck, twenty trucks loaded and unloaded every day equals forty minutes saved a day, which could mean an extra number of trucks can go through. This results in greater revenue and higher profitability as the overheads remain the same.

The company also offers a residential turntable, designed to help homeowners maximise parking space. Once a car turntable is installed, an oddly-shaped yard suddenly offers more viable parking spaces and a small garage can house two vehicles instead of one.

Additionally, a car turntable can increase safety and reduce the risk of an accident occurring. Since one no longer needs to back out of their driveway, their visibility will not be impaired and they can avoid accidents involving small children, pets, and even oncoming traffic.

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