Top 5 Benefits of Car Stackers

Overcrowded and congested streets. Circling around block after block to find a single parking space. Frustrated commuters unable to find a spot near their office. These are just some of the problems faced by cities and towns across the country – there just aren’t enough parking spaces available to satisfy demand.

While many solutions have been offered, none are as promising as the increasingly popular car stackers. Leading councils throughout Australia are investing in this innovative solution and demand is only increasing. But what is it that makes this product a particularly attractive option? Car stackers have a multitude of benefits, but these are the 5 that make the case for this innovative solution a compelling one.

More Parking Spaces, Less Space Required

The first clear benefit is the fact that car stackers allow councils to have more spaces available in a smaller space. With many cities already full to the brim, it’s important that councils are given the opportunity to maximise existing space.

Safe to Use

The idea of car stackers is a little difficult to envision, particularly if you’ve never seen anything like it before. With that comes the thought that it’s potentially unsafe or just a little too ‘out there’ to work on a practical level. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Car stackers are fully self-contained units that have been perfected in recent years. They are practical and safe for both passers-by and those parking their vehicles. Many health and safety conscious local councils are investing in these parking solutions, so it’s clear these units are safe for public use.

Low Maintenance

Compared to other parking solutions, car stackers are incredibly low maintenance. You won’t need constant attention from engineers or technicians, nor will you need to worry about consistent malfunction. These units can be left to operate ‘as is’ for long periods without requiring consistent fixes or upgrades.

Keep Vehicles Safe

These days, you can’t be too careful. Car thefts are becoming increasingly common, particularly in urban areas. That’s why car stackers are such an attractive option, as most come with pre-installed safety features like tyre blocks that keep cars in place. Only the owners, who have a dedicated remote or key, are able to remove these. This makes your average car stacker much safer than street parking.

Cost Effective

One of the reasons local councils are buying into the idea of using car stackers is just how cost effective they are compared to other solutions. Building additional fully-fledged car parks, for example, are expensive endeavours that require a large financial injection as well as years of planning.

Car stackers, on the other hand, are surprisingly easy to install and won’t cost nearly as much as a full car park redevelopment. Considering the flexibility and ease of installation, many businesses are turning to this option as well.

Enhanced Property Value

Car stackers not only give instant practical benefits, they’re also an investment for the future. For businesses and apartment complexes that invest money into these projects, property values increase massively. Offices and homes are instantly more accessible, allow for more parking spaces per person, and thus lead to enhanced property values across the board.

It’s clear that car stackers have some very convincing benefits, especially for areas where parking is a problem. Considering that urban areas are increasingly struggling to handle the volume of cars, solutions such as these can be instrumental in making parking manageable in high-traffic areas.

Here at Spacepark, we can help you choose the right car stacker for your specific requirements. You can make use of our interactive selector to define your criteria and then explore the wide range of car stackers we have available.

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